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Article WritingHave you plowed through courses and forums looking for help? 

Often with conflicting and contradictory answers.

Have you visited countless websites searching for answers?

Lost in a sea of information.

How many times have you searched in Google trying to piece it altogether? 

Bits of the puzzle doled out a piece at a time.

You don't have enough hours in the day to sort through the information. Let alone write articles and publish them.

I understand how you feel.

You simply want straight answers:

How do I start? 

What do I do first?

What do I do next?

How do I get traffic?

How do I choose a niche?

Which are the best article directories?

Build a Website or Not?

And ...... ???



Writing On The Web: An Introduction To Article Writing

Writing On The Web

If you are not getting the results you expected

This book will show you!

  • No information overload. Just follow the simple step by step instructions.
  • Get search engine results. Structure your articles for maximum search engine exposure.
  • Get traffic to your article and to your site. Simple methods to insure your profits.
  • See the big picture. All the pieces of the puzzle will fit together.
  • De-mystify Article Writing. There are no secrets.

Gurus tend to assume that they can skip over simple steps just because they are simple steps. Well, they are simple steps - to the gurus. If you are a Newbie, skipping those little steps just magnifies your frustration!

Writing On The Web lays it out for you. Discover tested and proven step-by-step methods that work.

Like any other business, you need a plan. You need a map. When I first started, I didn't have a map. I didn't have a guide. I too bought into the high priced secret 'make millions instantly' courses. Not one of them laid
out a simple easy to understand plan. This is not a pay per click course, a traffic course, a bookmarking course, a monthly subscription,or a get rich quick with article writing course.


"I highly recommend 'Writing On The Web' as a must read to everyone whether they are just starting out in article writing and marketing or are considered a seasoned pro!
This book is superb, interesting, impeccable and full of value. But the biggest treat of all is how Carlos showcases his knowledge of writing by way of his writing.

I wish it had been available when I was first starting out writing articles as it would have made my journey so much smoother!"
Terra Kern
Terra Kern, Michigan:


Writing on the Web by Carlos Perez is a great introduction to article marketing and writing for the internet. As the introduction suggests, it serves as a guide to help steer you through the minefield that can be internet marketing.

Because writing on the web is so different from paper based writing Carlos also tells you how to attract and, more importantly, keep readers on your page ...  The section on using social media to promote your articles and products will clear up a lot of confusion for many new marketers ... the glossary will be a welcome sight for those feeling overwhelmed.

Writing on the Web is fantastic value and should be firmly ensconced beside anyone wanting to make a living writing online.

Chris & Rachel McNaught
Chris and Rachael McNaught, New Zealand


Writing On The Web is written as an article marketing primer. ... divided into chapters, that follow chronologically - meaning, that when you read the book from the start to the end, you will have a very good idea how affiliate marketing works.

The structure of the book is very straightforward, giving you the quickest path to understanding the basics (and some not-so-basic) aspects of article writing. There is no fluff, and no confusion by introducing elements that are not related to writing for the web. To me, that is a very strong point, as when I want to learn about article marketing, I don't want to have to go through chapters that have nothing to do with it.

The glossary at the end of the book is something that you could (and should) print out and use it as a quick reference.
... the book is written very well, and is easy to read and understand.
... while many other ebooks try to be all-in-one courses, Carlos took a different approach, and targeted a very specific segment of people, and a very specific topic.

Pavol, Forrest City, PA


Let me be blunt,

There is no silver bullet that will fill your bank account overnight.
There is no magic formula that will let you walk off your day job tomorrow.


Article Writing for profit is no different from any other business. You must follow proven steps to insure success.

You will learn:
Article Writer
    • how to find a product to sell
    • where to find a product to sell
    • how to research for keywords
    • where to find keywords
    • how to research for content
    • where to find content
    • how to structure your article
    • how to write your article
    • how to submit your article
    • where to submit your article
    • how to promote your article
    • and much much more


It takes a vision of what can be, a desire to want it, and work to fulfill it.

You have those qualities, otherwise you wouldn't have read this far.


Writing On The Web will get you started on the right foot.

Are there other basic beginner ebooks and courses available? Yes, of course. Some of them are very good,
but they only give pieces of the puzzle.

Do you want to pay $37, $97, or $997 to find out? No, neither would I.

This 57 page ebook of eleven chapters includes a Resource section packed with helpful resources.

It has a Glossary of Internet Marketing terms explaining what many gurus assume you know and understand.

All the Information you need to start your article-marketing career all in one place.

In plain simple easy to understand, English!

Can't I get this information for free on the Internet? Yes, you can, some of it. How much longer are you willing
to jump from one forum to another, surfing the internet, or buying magic and silver bullet systems and blueprints to get answers?

Why can't I learn this on my own? Well, you can. But, why reinvent the wheel? Learn from my experience. I
lay it out for you. All that you need to know to start your article writing career. All under one cover.

This is not a silver bullet system. This is not a magic blueprint. Have you ever tried to read a blueprint? You
need a college degree and a magnifying glass.


Eleven information packed chapters filled with all you need to start your article writing career.

Writing On The Web: An Introduction To Article Writing

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 Find a Product
Chapter 3 Research
Chapter 4 Writing Your Article
Chapter 5 How to Write Your Article
Chapter 6 Submit to the Right Article Directories
Chapter 7 Promote Your Article
Chapter 8 Education
Chapter 9 Take Action
Chapter 10 Setting a Schedule or Routine
Chapter 11 Advanced Strategies

And So Much More!

Information you want to start your article-marketing career all in one place.

In plain simple easy to understand English!

What the gurus fail to explain - answered here.

No hype. Just the facts.

So what is it going to cost me, you ask.

How much is this road map? How much will it cost me to get from point A to point B?

Writing On The Web

Writing On the Web

An Introduction to Article Writing

Although, I know it is worth this and more.

This 57 page roadmap to article writing is only:


Download Your PDF Copy Instantly

You may be asking, "If you have all of this under one cover how can you possibly ask
so little for your book?" That is a fair question. One of the reasons is that I sell the book
myself through PayPal. I do not pay anyone a commission.

A second and more important reason is that I want you to have a good, solid, tried and
true plan without fear of paying inflated prices for just a piece of the puzzle.

I was once a Newbie myself and I know the frustrations of buying information that didn't
give me the information I needed to move ahead.

My personal 60-Day Guarantee: if you don't find the information useful, I will refund your money.

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